We’ve been offering a wide range of industrial electrical services for over 25 years, including instrumentation and automation, electrical panel, technical support, power lines and drafting, as well as thermography and infrared.

Instrumentation & Automation
Our instrumentation and automation technicians safely install, start up, repair and service industrial electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic and electromechanical systems and equipment that measure, control and automate industrial processes. System automation is a profitable investment for our clients, no matter the reason (health, safety, saving energy, etc.).

Electrical Panel
Our professionals electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and PLC panels. We can have your panels certified by an accreditation body in your geographical region.

Technical Support
Do you require skilled labour for a specified time period to meet an immediate need (planned and unplanned production shutdowns, vacations, parental leave, etc.)? Count on us for the necessary professional technical support and superior-quality tools.

Power Lines
We have the equipment and the expertise to implement overhead and overhead-underground distribution networks. We install metering stations, step-down and step-up transformers, distribution lines and electric substations.
Our involvement starts with the distributor connection application and ends when the current is turned on. Our installations are compliant with standards, offer long-term reliability and are also aesthetically pleasing. You’ll know them when you see them. Plus, our supplier relationships mean you’ll enjoy quick, efficient service.

Our team of professionals develops technical documents such as drawings, digital photographs, documentation, industrial maintenance programs and more.

Thermography and Infrared
Our thermographic imaging inspection service enables you to meet insurance company requirements, avoid production losses or maintain a service. Thermography targets potential problems along your distribution network.
Major breakdowns can be avoided through preventive analysis. Distribution malfunctions cause significant damage, both in material and human terms. Our employees are specially trained to perform inspections and prepare preventive analysis reports.
In addition to thermographic images, actual images quickly pinpoint problematic components. You’ll receive an inspection report for each anomaly so that you can determine its criticality and the urgency of the repairs.


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